Updates zum RPG Maker Game

Für unser RPG-Maker-Spiel.
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Re: Updates zum RPG Maker Game

Beitrag von Mukumuku » Sa 12. Jan 2019, 10:45

Na....? Gibt's schon Neuigkeiten?
Im Discord ist irgendwie nicht viel los...

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Re: Updates zum RPG Maker Game

Beitrag von Antimatzist » Sa 12. Jan 2019, 18:45

Ich antworte mal, Toremneon hat auf Facebook ein Update geteilt:
Hello Everyone,

lets break the silence here for a change.

First of all, happy new year to all Suikoden Fans and to everyone else too.

I want do use this post to give you a little update and a bit of recap for last year.

To be honest, most of the time I was busy with other stuff and did not work much on the Prelude for Suikoden 2.

But here is what happend:

We tried to switch from RPG Maker VX Ace to RPG Maker MV, some stuff worked quite well there others did not work at all, we good some good help with Scripting and where making first progress. But then, everything changed when I got the offer to work with WDF Soft(just check them out on Youtube) who are working on a Suikoden game as well and we now have the permission to use their battle system and engine to run our game. The downside of this:

We needed to go back to Ace and all the work we put in MV was in vain. Also we could not use our old maps since they have different sizes. So we where forced to do much work again from scretch. It was a pain. And it still is.

Then Markus left the project due to to much work and not time for it anymore. This is sad but we are both cool with it.

I called for help many times and good a lot of people interessted, saddly or more naturally 90% of them did not really start working with me on the project so at the moment I am very much on my own.

But I still aim for a first demo including Viktors Fort, Ryube and the Woods behind it.

Most maps there are done and fighting is not perfect but it runs at least. We need to fix much of this still and I need to finish working on that mercenary fort maps. But then, we would have first bits for you to play and check out.

In the meantime I made a little, very low quality, video for you to see how it looks at moment.

As always thanks for staying with us. We hope to make more progress this year.

If anyone here wants to help with the game, we are always open for people. But please only if you really have time for it. I spend so much time last year talking and explaining the project to people, who did not even made 5 min working tasks I gave them.

Kind Regards
Ein kurze Video findet man dann auch bei Facebook:
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Re: Updates zum RPG Maker Game

Beitrag von Toremneon » So 13. Jan 2019, 12:26

Versuche mich gerade mal wieder für einen Sprung aufzuraffen.

Eigentlich fehlt nicht viel um eine Demo zum rennen zu bekommen. Muss mich aber halt mit Pascal, dem WDF Soft Menschen etwas abstimmen, weil ich noch nicht 100% hinter deren Kampfsystem schaue und er auch ganz andere Map Formate nutzt.
In Suikoden we trust.