Fanfiction zum Suikoden Day 2015

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Fanfiction zum Suikoden Day 2015

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Da ich in diesem Jahr am Suikoden Day mit einer Fanfiction teilgenommen habe, wollte ich euch die nicht vorenthalten.

Luca Blight – or how to become a Wolf

For me, all of this was like a nice vacation. We visited a nice big town. They call it Muse, I wondered where this name comes from. If we get home, I will ask my teachers all about it! When was it found and from whom and why do we not get along with each other. I saw a big man father talked to, he told him that peace would be the only way to keep our country safe. The mans name was Han or something. I saw him later with an other old men having dinner together but I don't know his name. This is something for my list of things to ask my teachers about. I bought a little souvenir for myself, I needed to sneak away from my guards to do this but I got my hands on a little wooden amulet, it is not particularly beautiful like the other stuff I have but it will remember me of this place... I like horses! I was just looking outside and thinking while some of my fathers men rode past our carriage. These animals are so calm and yet so powerfull, if I grow up I will be as calm and strong as they are. My father rules over Highland and he tries to make a good heir out of me but sometimes, I feel afraid. So much talking about violence, politics and trading. I am nine years old and i have learned more about this world then others learn in their whole life but yet I don't feel like becoming a King some day.
“What are you looking at?”
“Oh mam,” I turned around to her. “I just look at the horses riding by.”
“You always liked horses, don't you?” She smiles at me and fondles my hair. I smile back and let her have her way with my hair for a moment, then i turn around again to look outside some more.
“Yes, I really like them.”
She keeps looking and smiling at me. She is always so kind and gentle. She didn't want me to come along because in her view, I am to young to get involved in all this politics but my father insisted and for once I am happy he prevailed. He is not with us, he has his own carriage a bit a head of the track. Something must have happend at the last day, father looked very happy but mother was uncomfortable about it, so we had to leave in kind of a rush. But I saw so many things. To have teachers explaining the world to you is one thing but to see and feel with your own eyes and hands is a complete other. For the first time in my life i saw a kobold in Muse. He was all hairy and looked funny to me but he was so serious and straight i did not dare to pet him. And I heard them talk about another species living in the Jowston State: Wingers. I haven't heard of them before nor have I seen one. But I would like to. I wonder whether they can really fly with wings or is it just their name? Mh one of the riders just left the formation. He is falling back. We are in very dense wood at the moment the man might have heard an animal or something and stopped to find out. I really have to strech myself to see him now. I almost lose balance...
“HEY!!!” He screams and pulls his horse around! At this very moment he is struck by an arrow, the impacts force throws him of his horse. He screams while he hits the ground and keeps screaming there as well. Not out of pain. He tries to warn the others but while they turn around more arrows are shot out of the woods. More men are falling. Screaming. Running. And riding. I can't stop watching. I am paralysed. But then, a strong hand grabs me from behind and pulls me into the carriage. Mother is holding me tight. So tight, i almost can't breath.
“My Lady you have to leave!!!” One of our soldiers opened the sidedoor and want us to come out. “The way in front of us is blocked, we will never make it with the carriage.” Mother watches the man for a second but then all of a sudden she gets up and leaves the waggon, not losening her grip on me, not even a little. The men are building a circle around us and are desperadly trying to fend of the attackers but they are highly outnumbered and one by one they fall. One of the men just falls right behind mother and straight where I was looking at. I close my eyes, I can't watch anymore. But then I hear fathers voice in my head. `You will be King one day´ He told me that so many times, that it almost lost its meaning but in this moment: I know, I have to be strong. I force my eyes open again. And yes, that's it! Father was in the carriage right in front of us. Father will save us! I start to search for his waggon but it is not `right in front´ of us anymore but far away. But I can still see it. All the men still at horse are assambling around it and the doors open. Father comes out. It must be father! One of the soldiers is bringing him his horse, he is getting on it. He will attack and save us. He will! I am sure he will! I love my father so much! One of the riders is now getting closer to him. They talk. I am sure they will make a plan on how to attack, how to break the bandits lines and save us. The offizier is pointing with his finger in our direction. The talk seems to get more intens because I see the man gesturing a lot but then I see my father raising his hand. The man is not moving anymore and he starts riding in the opposite direction. Father must have send him away. Now he gives commands to his men. They get in formation around him. My heart starts pounting like crazy. Mother seems to feel this. “What is it? Are you allright?” She asks me. “It is father! It is father!” But in the moment she turns around to look at her King, he turns around, too. He doesn't even look in her in the eyes for one last time. While her grip seems to vanish my heart stops beating. Again I can't breath but this time it is not because mother is pressing me so hard. My whole body crumbles, I feel a sickness trembling in me. It feels like i am forced to throw up and i am fainting at the same time. My body has lost every last bit of strenght there was and so did hers. I almost fall down. But she has enough power left, to set me to the ground. But my feds are not holding me. I drop straight to my knees, I see soldiers fighting and dying in front of me and i can't even lift one hand anymore. Everything turns black very slowly. I did not notice at first but when i did, I couldn't do anything against it. I let go.

The thing that brings me back to life is a scream. A Scream I have never heart before in my live and never again will. I did not know what it was or who. I don't even know how long I have been gone. I even dreamed something but as I gained conciousness again the dream fainted and was gone forever. But it feels like I was sleeping for hours. My body does not crumble anymore, I even feel a bit refreshed. The scream again. I open my eyes.

I am leaning against a tree. My hands and feet are tied together I can barly move. Nobody is near me. The bandits must have won the fight. Most of them are standing on one spot, like a big bunch of people. And the bunch screams again. This terrefying scream. I try to cover my ears as soon as I hear it again but I can't move a bit. The scream again and again. I can not stand it anymore, I try to move again and fall to the side, my face lands in the gras and then I shiver something in the scream sounds - familiar. What is it? The voice! Something is in that voice, that I know very good. In this moment I realise, mother is not here. She is not more next to me. She is not near, she is nowhere to be seen. The next scream is the worst of them all... because it is mother screaming. I move panicly. I try to scream, my mouth opens but it is not making any sound. I crumble, I shake around, but I can do nothing. `You will be King someday.´ All I will be is nothing. All I can be is nothing and nothing is all I can do. One of the men must have noticed my movement. “Looks like our little Prince just awoke.” He comes up to me.
“Let me see the little Prince. What are you made of?” By this words, he is taking an axe from his belt and comes closer. I stop moving. I give up. I will die here. Mother is already death. The man is now in right front of me and he slowly lifts up the axe. I close my eyes again. Just one more breath and then... I hear a scream. But this time it is different. It is the man screaming. From out of nowhere a Wolf attacked him. The Wolf bits his arm. The man drops the axe and moves back but the Wolf again bits in his knee, I hear his bones breaking and he sinks to the ground, the wolf bits again, the man stops moving. I am not shocked, I am just empty, I look at the Wolf and he looks back at me. In this moment, everything is gone, the world is not moving anymore. But the Wolf breaks this moment he walks to me, slowly and still looks into my eyes. I do not even blink. The Wolf passes me, so close, his fur touches my arm. His paw just stepping on somethin in this very moment and I here it crack up. I look down and it was my wooden armulet. It lies broken right next to me and the Wolf is gone. I want do turn around, to see where he went but then I here loud noises from the left side. There are Highland soldiers. They slay the bandits. It's the man I saw in Muse, his name was Cunnigham. I see him but I don't recognise him. He is wielding his sword with such brute passion and anger now. I have never seen something like it in my life. He reaches mothers body. The passion is leaving his face. For one moment he seemes stunted. The petrified expression of his face, in this very moment, will never leave it till his last day. He raises his sword and cuts something from the carriage next to him. It is a large piece of fabric, he takes it and covers mothers body. He lifts her up and carries her with his hands. He did not even take the time to reshred his sword, he simply drops it on the ground. Now he sees me. We have the same empty expression. He walks to me: “Prince Luca... come with me.” I just keep staring at him. Something is there I must have missed, I can not go now. The Wolf! I turn around but the Wolf is gone. “Prince...” Cunningham is now right in front of me. I look at him. Then I see the most terrifying thing in my life. The body in his arms ... it is still moving. I should be happy. But it kills me inside. This - thing stopped beeing human. It has turned into something unspeakable and yet, it is still alive. I can't bear it. I run away, I start screaming, now the sounds are coming out. One of the soldiers is catching me. He holds me but I am still screaming. They brought horses with them. Cunningham is ordering the soldier to take me with him. Will he take the creature with us too? I want to get away, as far as I can, not from this place - but from it. The soldier is forcing me into the hands of another man, he is on a horse. He holds me tight. I still scream but my voice starts to slowly fail serving me, I don't have the strenght to scream, to resist. I will never again be that weak.
Someday - I will be King.

In Suikoden we trust.